What we do

Connecting Americans and Chinese through Education and Business
We provide US educational and investment opportunities to Chinese parties, and cross-cultural communication training and language services to American organizations, with a focus on the Midwest.

Who we are

Monica Xia and Patrick McAloon founded SinoConnect in Columbus, Ohio in 2005 as a vehicle for services they had already been providing to friends and colleagues in the US and China.

Xia's extensive experience in the corporate world is complimented by McAloon's in Chinese language teaching and cross-cultural communication training.

Spotlight on service

Emergency Trip to the Chinese Consulate
When a young college student from Hubei Province lost her passport, she had to make a last-minute trip to the Chinese consulate in New York City. We found her affordable transportation, a bilingual chaperone, and negotiated the byzantine Chinese bureaucracy to make sure she could complete her program without problem.