SinoConnect leverages its extensive contacts in China and the US to help Americans and Chinese achieve their cross-border goals. Over the course of decades of experience, we have developed relationships in city and local government, K-16 education, and across many industries.

SinoConnect was founded in Ohio in 2005 to help American businesses communicate more effectively with Chinese partners. As purchasing power in China increased, SinoConnect added to its services helping Chinese groups achieve their goals in the US.

If you need to get something done that involves someone from China, we can help.

Our Team
Monica Xia, MBA, CPA


Phone: 614-218-4538

WeChat: MonicaColumbus

Patrick McAloon, PhD


Phone: 614-271-1772

WeChat: pm6142711772

Monica Xia has been professionally bridging cultures since 1996, when she began translating NBC television programs for Chinese audiences.  


Xia has worked in accounting/finance management roles at Commercial Vehicle Group, Beijing West Industries, GM and the Ford Motor Company.


Prior to coming to the US in 2001, Xia helped MeetChina.com build what was then the largest online database of Chinese manufacturers and products.


Xia holds CPA licensure in the state of Ohio, a BSBA in accounting from the Ohio State University, an MBA from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, and a BA in English as a Foreign Language from what is now Guangzhou University of Foreign Studies. She is also currently the Chair of the Greater Columbus Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

Having made his first trip to China in 1997, Patrick McAloon has been connecting Chinese and Americans for over 20 years. After leaving the eCommerce company MeetChina.com in 2001, McAloon taught Chinese at the Ohio State University for 14 years.

In addition to his work for SinoConnect, McAloon manages rental properties in Columbus, Ohio, is a founding member of the Greater Columbus Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and is a past chair of the Hefei/Tainan subcommittee for Greater Columbus Sister Cities International.


McAloon is the author of the guide to study abroad in China, “Studying in China,” based on his experiences in taking American students to China.


He holds a PhD in Chinese language pedagogy from the Ohio State University and a BA in East Asian Studies from the College of William and Mary.

Dennis Mowrey
John Wensinger

Mr. Mowrey brings more than 30 years of tax experience in the areas of Tax Compliance and Tax Planning, including working with C-corporations, S-Corporations, partnerships and individuals.


He has extensive experience in the areas of manufacturing, healthcare, retail, restaurant and software industries.

Tax professional with over 10 years of combined experience in both public accounting and industry, including PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Schneider Downs.

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