Sample Projects

Educational Programs for Chinese Students

For six consecutive years and counting, SinoConnect has worked with The Ohio State University and the Hubei Provincial Education Bureau to deliver an unforgettable summer study abroad program for top students from Hubei Province universities.

Written Translation

Pig genetics. Dairy cattle. Hardwood. Meat rabbits. DC switchgear. When SinoConnect is called on to help Chinese buyers understand American products, we quickly get up to speed on the language of your business so that you and your Chinese partners can communicate effectively.

Chinese delegation hosting

When our local economic development organizations are maxed out receiving other guests, or when they want to make sure Chinese businesspeople feel like Ohio welcomes Chinese business, they call on SinoConnect. We have introduced the region's strengths to visiting delegations, provided transportation and interpretation, and helped maintain follow-on conversations.

Training Programs for Chinese Professionals

SinoConnect brought in, designed, and delivered for OSU four instances of the Chinese National Academy of Education Administration's "One Thousand University Presidents Training Program." Each time, leaders from 30 different Chinese universities spent one week in Columbus, Ohio, learning from OSU leadership and faculty how different parts of the university are managed.

Oral Interpretation

Even when your Chinese visitor says they are bringing an interpreter, it is good to have your own. "Interpreter" can mean anything from a professional to someone's cousin. Furthermore, business interpreters must make editorial decisions regarding what is and is not conveyed; better to have an interpreter present whose decisions are based on *your* needs.


American companies working with China need bilingual and bicultural people working for them. When it's time to hire a full-time Chinese speaker, SinoConnect can help you find the right candidate. From advertising the position to candidate screening, we save you time and help you evaluate the candidates' language and cultural skills.

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