SinoConnect helps organizations achieve a broad spectrum of US-China cross-cultural and cross-border goals. Examples below highlight services often provided to US clients.

Cross-cultural Communication Training

When your Chinese partner takes a week to respond to an email... and still does not answer all your questions, what should you think?

How do you understand - and make yourself understood - in a US-China business setting?

SinoConnect delivers customized 1-12 hour programs to individuals and groups on topics such as communication styles, impact of history and geography on contemporary business, culture in negotiation, and much more.

Chinese Delegation Hosting

When your organization has visitors from China coming, SinoConnect can help with itinerary design, transportation and other logistics, as well as helping both sides understand each other.

SinoConnect also helps with the follow-up communication that is crucial to making an in-person visit lead to real action.

Translation & Interpretation

SinoConnect's translation (written) and interpretation (oral) services make sure both sides understand what the other wants to say.

In medical and legal translation/interpretation, nearly word-for-word conversion is required. In business and government, you need people who can translate content as well as *intent*.

Your Particular US-China Project

If you have a China initiative and need other types of support, drop us a line - we can probably help. We also do cross-border recruiting, consulting on the Chinese international student experience, US-China project partner identification, and much more.

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